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  • Donate To The Homeless


    Some of our Brothers and Sisters have become homeless before receiving their funds. Your donations will be distributed to those in need for basic essentials.

    For donations over $100 please contact Drew & Tara Here and select “I Would Like To Donate Over $100”  from the subject line.

  • 1099A Processing Fee


    Processing fee for your 1099-A forms.

  • JRI Consultation


    The JRI Consultation is a 21 minute video which covers the current status of the 1099A process and primary features of the website. A link to the JRI Telegram Group will be available towards the end of the video.

  • Status Correction


    We provide a minimum of 20 documents on the status correction. The cost for us to do the status correction is $200 per person 18 years of age or over. If you have children under the age of 18 we include the baby deeds complimentary for you.

    An intake form is provided following your purchase that will need to be completed in order to proceed.

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