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National Debt, Bankruptcy, Social Security Trust Fund, and Infrastructures

  • United States National Debt

Credit Bureau

  • How Credit Reporting Works
  • Credit Repair
  • 3 Bureau 24 Hour Express Deletion
  • 24-72 Hr. 3 Bureau Sweep

Banking Level I

  • How The Federal Reserve Was Established (3 parts)
  • HJR-192 and The U.S. Bankruptcy

Everything Is A Lie, Absolutely Nothing Is True

  • The Great Reset and Things That Have Transpired
  • Vaxxxed To Death
  • Public Education And What It Was Designed For…
  • Washington D.C. – Signs, Symbols, And The Owning Of Your Soul
  • Pedophilia And College Rape Farming (upcoming)
  • Words And Trickery (upcoming)
  • Clones And Bio-Engineered Nano Particle Food (upcoming)
  • The Depopulation Plan (upcoming)
  • Chemtrails (upcoming)
  • Direct Energy Weapons And Burned To Death (upcoming)
  • Mind Control And The Mandela Effect (upcoming)
  • Psyops Through Rock N Roll (upcoming)
  • The Moon Hoax (upcoming)
  • The Flat Earth (upcoming)
  • Free Energy Is A Thing…Why Don’t We Have It? (upcoming)
  • Nukes And The Fact They Never Existed (upcoming)
  • False Flag Events (upcoming)
  • Tartarians – The Best Civilization To Ever Exist (upcoming)
  • Never Ending Wars (upcoming)
  • Wars On The Brown Skins (upcoming)
  • Skull N Bones And True Bloods (upcoming)
  • The World Wide Web (upcoming)

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