No, you need to know who you are i.e. a living man/woman on the soil but there’s no requirement to file any paperwork like status correction or the UCC1 financing statement, for example. Having said that, it certainly won’t hurt the process if you have already declared your sovereignty.

If you’re a U.S. citizen, we can help you with filing all the forms for this. The charge is $200. Email us with ‘Status Correction’ in the subject line for more information.

To clarify:  You do not have to correct your status to use a public filing of a 1099-A.  If you are trying to access the trust from an Executor/secured party creditor standpoint then, yes you have to do a lot more than just a status correction because you haven’t put yourself into the private side to be an executor of your estate.

To access the trust using a trustee is acting from the public side so you don’t need anything additional in place.

Status Correction is basically expatriating from the fraud that was placed against you at birth and putting that on public record to remove yourself publicly from the Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction.