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Question 1 - I'm glad that this community is available. I had a situation that I tried with the information I had at that time to use Regulation Z, Truth and Lending concerning a ticket I got for parking in a handicapped area by a library. I sent the presentment back to the Prosecutor asking for the original as well as asking several times to speak to the Prosecutor before Court. I never got the original back and the Prosecutor never called as I was told he wouldn't call. I used other information I had at that time. At the end of the day I didn't have all of the tools obviously to prevent paying for the $285 ticket. I asked the Jarretts what can I do to get my money back as I know there "is ALWAYS A WAY" even after the fact. That is just the way The Lord made it. It was suggested from them to do a Regulatory Letter. Does anyone know about this and "all" I need to do to fill this out? I looked this up, but didn't get information that was relevant. IF there is anything else I can do with this to get my money back please inform.
Question 2 - How can a person get an"Abstract" on their driving record off? They are being told they have to wait 5 years and 2 years have already passed. Again, there is always "a way" as they don't have to wait 3 more years especially, when one is dealing with these evil wicked folks that are just interested in "money", operating in Commerce and pulling people into "contracts". Thank you.