The Science And Story of Chlorine Dioxide MMS

MMS is better known as Miracle Mineral Solution / Chlorine Dioxide.  It has been known to cure cancers, reduce/rid tumors, cure HIV, autism, viruses, autoimmune disorders, common colds, cataract, and even helps stroke patients. The MMS works in both humans and pets of any kind.  Many testimonies show cures of all kinds.  Of course, the FDA banned the selling of the product over the counter because it would take out Big Pharma and all cancer treatments that break down the body rather than build the body up.

We sell the product for $40 and that includes the cost of shipping.  The bottle can last for several months depending on how many people are consistently using it in the household and what types of protocols are being used.  We provide the full list of protocols when we ship the product and connect you with other like-minded individuals using the product as well.

We are now offering DMSO which helps to carry the MMS deeper into the cells. You can purchase it for $25 a bottle or if you buy the MMS/DMSO together it will be $60 for the kit. Visit our shop page here.