Car Loan Class

In this class you will need to have your car loan documents with you during class as we will walk through the different parts of the contract. Did you know you are indoctrinated to believe the lien holder is the lender when in reality they are not? Did you know that a retail installment contract is different than a loan and that a loan is not really a loan? Did you know that in your contract your lender isn’t who you think they are? Did you know that in one contract there are many times anywhere from $20K – $1M in violations per the constitution and UCC? Learn who to stand up and own your property! Learn as Tara walks you through this zoom class step by step!

Posted on May 10, 2023

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SPC/UCC Redemption
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Negotiable Instruments, UCC-1 & UCC-3
Posted on May 26, 2023
Learn about what negotiable instruments are, how they are used in the world today since there is no gold or silver coin, how to claim your minor estate and children’s estate on a UCC 1, how to protect your property ie. Car, house, any collateral property, how to fill out the UCC 1 and how to assign and make assignments using a UCC 3.
Posted on May 20, 2023
What is a CUSIP number and why is that important to me? How can I use a CUSIP number to help me in everyday life? Can I discharge debt using a CUSIP number and how is that accomplished? If you do not know my CUSIP number is it important to have it? Learn all of this and more as Richard walks you through the benefits and understanding of the CUSIP.
Stand on Your Status
Posted on May 17, 2023
This class is for those who have had their status corrected or are looking to correct their status. What does it mean to correct your status and why is it important? Will it affect me in my job, with professional licenses etc.?
Affidavit Class
Posted on May 17, 2023
What is the difference in a conditional acceptance and an affidavit? Why does an affidavit hold more weight? What does it mean to go through the 30-15-10 day banking rule and why is this important? How do I formally format an affidavit and what are the essential parts to an affidavit? Why is an affidavit is so important when standing up for your rights?