Your Financial Freedom Is Within Reach

Claim The Credit That Is Rightfully Yours

But before you begin you must innerstand the events of the past, who you really are, and the language needed to defend and reclaim your Sovereign status.

Your Identity Was Stolen At Birth

Have you ever wondered why you name is capitalized on every government issued ID, financial statement or utility bill? The de facto governments under Maritime Law are identifying you as one of their corporate agents or employees, not a living man or woman born on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction.

Meet Your Cestui Que Vie Trust: Where The Money Comes From

The moment your birth certificate was registered it was also bonded for $1M. An equal value in US Treasury Bonds were issued and sold on the stock exchange where it continues to grow. You are the beneficiary of this trust.

The Bar Association and Incorporated De Facto World Governments

“Motor vehicle”, “license”, “register”, “person”, “understand”: these are just a few of the words they have created with their own hidden meanings to deceive us. Under Common Law a corporation cannot contract with a living man or woman, so they trick us into believing they are the higher authority when it is We The People of the world who are the higher authority. But for the de facto to claim this power we must give our consent, and this is what we unknowingly have done every time we obtain a driver’s or marriage license, register a car, refer to ourselves as “persons”, or acknowledge that we “understand”.

So before you embark on this new journey you must learn and innerstand  this language so as to not only avoid their trap but to turn the tables and reclaim your God given Sovereign birthright.

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National Debt, Bankruptcy, Social Security Trust Fund, and Infrastructures

  • United States National Debt

Credit Bureau

  • How Credit Reporting Works
  • Credit Repair
  • 3 Bureau 24 Hour Express Deletion
  • 24-72 Hr. 3 Bureau Sweep

Banking Level I

  • How The Federal Reserve Was Established (3 parts)
  • HJR-192 and The U.S. Bankruptcy

Everything Is A Lie, Absolutely Nothing Is True

  • The Great Reset and Things That Have Transpired
  • Vaxxxed To Death
  • Public Education And What It Was Designed For…
  • Washington D.C. – Signs, Symbols, And The Owning Of Your Soul
  • Pedophilia And College Rape Farming (upcoming)
  • Words And Trickery (upcoming)
  • Clones And Bio-Engineered Nano Particle Food (upcoming)
  • The Depopulation Plan (upcoming)
  • Chemtrails (upcoming)
  • Direct Energy Weapons And Burned To Death (upcoming)
  • Mind Control And The Mandela Effect (upcoming)
  • Psyops Through Rock N Roll (upcoming)
  • The Moon Hoax (upcoming)
  • The Flat Earth (upcoming)
  • Free Energy Is A Thing…Why Don’t We Have It? (upcoming)
  • Nukes And The Fact They Never Existed (upcoming)
  • False Flag Events (upcoming)
  • Tartarians – The Best Civilization To Ever Exist (upcoming)
  • Never Ending Wars (upcoming)
  • Wars On The Brown Skins (upcoming)
  • Skull N Bones And True Bloods (upcoming)
  • The World Wide Web (upcoming)

Drew & Tara Jarrett

At the end of March 2022, our Creator and Heavenly Father had a greater purpose for the two of us than we ever expected. A seed was planted, we took a leap of faith, and a movement was born! Since that day we have a “We The People” movement that this world has never seen before toward freedom and “The Great Awakening”! This movement is not about “us” it is all about “we” and we are honored that you have come alongside all of us to become a family in the movement toward light and freedom!

Drew comes to you with 18 years of Physical Therapy experience and 2 years of Real Estate experience. Tara is a jack of all trades and because of that comes to you with 8 years of banking experience, (5 in consumer and mortgage lending), 4 years of medical experience, 10 years of insurance experience (owning an agency, sales to dealerships on financial products, etc.), 2 1/2 years of legal experience (MSP with staffing agencies), 15 years of marketing experience (internet marketing, branding, SEO, social media marketing, etc.) and 4 years of Real Estate experience.